The scripts in package.json cover most front-end development tasks:

  • theme: Watches and compiles the common CSS for the theme's structure
  • base: Watches and compiles all Styles if the base changes
  • styles: Watches and compiles each Style if it changes
  • print: Compiles Print-CSS
  • css: Run all of the above at once
  • scripts:babel: Compile JS with Babel
  • scripts:watch: Watch and compile JS with Parcel
  • scripts:build: Compile JS with Parcel
  • test: Test front-end accessibility with Cypress

All of these requires development-packages being installed through npm install. PostCSS is used for compiling all CSS. The source for CSS- and JS-files are in /src.

PHP Code Standards

This plugin follows PSR-1, PSR-2, and PEAR coding standards, as well as PSR-4.


As demonstrated by the API-options, you can fairly easily extend the PHP-behavior of the plugin. Extensions to the theme's API must use the namespace Grav\Theme\Scholar.

Customizing blueprints

Your Theme or Skeleton can extend or copy from the blueprints in /blueprints/partials to create custom blueprints.