• Extensible Components, Layouts and template-partials, Styles, API
  • Responsive Layouts, multiple Styles
    • Print-friendly styles
  • Performant, light on resources
  • Accessible, tested against WCAG AA, Section 508, and best practices
    • Navigable by keyboard and screen readers
    • Readable contrast...


The only necessary requirements for the theme are the basic Grav requirements. If you can run Grav, you can run this theme. The theme was written for and tested with Grav version 1.7. Additionally, some plugins are required:

  • Error version 1.6.2 or higher
  • Problems version 1.6.2 or higher



Overview of options:

Option Default Description
enabled true Enable theme
style metal Default Style to load
toolbar.breadcrumbs true Enable breadcrumbs in toolbar true Enable search-field in toolbar
toolbar.navigation tru...

Getting started

There are two easy ways to get started: Using the Admin-plugin or installing the Scholar-skeleton. The theme is optimized for easy-use with the former, and the latter is ready-to-use and contains a variety of possible content.

Once installed, the theme behaves pretty much like all other themes...


The scripts in package.json cover most front-end development tasks:

  • theme: Watches and compiles the common CSS for the theme's structure
  • base: Watches and compiles all Styles if the base changes
  • styles: Watches and compiles each Style if it changes
  • print: Compiles Print-CSS
  • css: R...