Theodosian Dynasty

The Theodosian dynasty was a Roman family that rose to eminence in the waning days of the Roman Empire. Its founding father was Flavius Theodosius (often referred to as Count Theodosius), a great general who had saved Britannia from the Great Conspiracy. His son, Flavius Theodosius was made emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire in 379, and briefly reunited the Roman Empire 394–395 by defeating the usurper Eugenius.

  • Saturday 11th 347f January 0347

    Theodosius I


    Reigned from Monday 1st 379f January 0379 to Tuesday 17th 395f January 0395, rose by Birthright. Ruled in the Theodosian dynasty, in the Dominate era. Reign ended by Natural Causes from Disease. Born Saturday 11th 347f January 0347 in Cauca, Hispania. Died Tuesday 17th 395f January 0395.